How to Increase Battery Life of Android Devices

By | December 29, 2013

All the Android devices not necessarily have the function of optimization by default. To increase the battery life of your Android device, you must have to use a dedicated optimization app. “Super Optimize” app is a dedicated app that you can use for this purpose.


It is a free of cost app, and you can save your battery life with the help of many optimization features by using different parameters. Now have a look on the brief description of the app:

  • Manage your Battery: If you select “eco mode”, it will switch off all the unwanted apps and programs running on your device.
  • Manage System: It helps in removing all sorts of temporary files from your Android device.
  • Uninstall: All unwanted apps can be installed by a single tap on your screen.
  • Transfer Apps from Internal memory to SD Card: With the help of this app, you can transfer apps and data from the internal memory of your phone to your SD card.
  • Manage Volume and Light of your Android Device: Increase your battery life by minimizing the brightness and volume of your device.

Some other apps that can be used to increase the battery life of Android devices include: Battery Drain Analyzer, Battery Doctor, Wakelock Detector, and Qualcomm’s Battery Guru.

  • Battery drain Analyzer: This app helps you by telling you that which app is draining more battery power. It shows you the history of battery usage with the help of useful graphs. It has the ability to note the battery usage habits of your device, like running apps, active WiFi, etc. It will help you in detecting what app or program is consuming more battery and you can get rid of it.
  • Battery Doctor: This app helps you in saving your battery life by showing you the unwanted apps and device functions that are using power unnecessarily. These functions and apps can be closed easily.
  • Wakelock Detector: This app shows you the list of apps that are using battery power since your last device reboot. This app shows you how long an app retained your device.
  • Qualcomm’s Battery Guru: This app has limited options as compared to previously discussed apps. This app runs only on devices that have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processor.

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