Talkshawk Mohafiz A Free Life Insurance Product For Prepaid Subscribers

By | November 9, 2013


In association with MicroEnsure Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd and Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited, Telenor Pakistan has announced a new product which is Talkshawk Mohafiz. Many people in Pakistan has no insurance cover so, this service of Telenor Pakistan is aimed to provide easy and hassle free insurance to its prepaid customers.

Talkshawk Mohafiz Zindagi Beema is the name of the new product of the company that offers Talkshak subscribers a free insurance, if they consume a balance of PKR 200 per month. If a person dies due to any reason, its family would get PKR 20,000 to PKR 100,000 the next month. It barely depends on their monthly mobile usage.

This service can be avail by any of the Talkshak subscribers by simply dialing * 345 * 101 # from their cellphones.

Enrollment in Talkshawk Mohafiz Zindagi Beema is totally free and nothing is required by the users other than dialing the above USSD string. Neither medical examination nor any other documents are required at all.

After you get yourself enrolled for the insurance, the current month’s airtime consumption would determine the value of insurance covered the next month.

In the table below, you can check the insurance cover for specific airtime usage.


The table shows that the subscribers for the insurance policy by Telenor Pakistan have to utilize at-least PKR 200 each month. If they use airtime that cost below PKR 200, it would void their insurance until they use PKR 200 or above.

Validity of the insurance cover is only for one month.

No matter how many Telenor SIMs a person have, he would be considered for only one insurance and the maximum value of the insurance cover is PKR 100,00. Only registered SIM owners who have entered correct details can get the insurance cover, in case the unfortunate incident of his death take place.

After enrollment, the subscribers can nominate a relative for the insurance cover by calling to the help line of Telenor Pakistan. In case, if a person doesn’t nominate anyone, or the beneficiary has died at the time of the death of the customer, the cover would be granted to the holder of Heirship Certificate which is issued by the Government of Pakistan.

The Director Marketing of Telenor Pakistan told the media in the launching ceremony, “Talkshawk Mohafiz Zindagi Beema is yet another unique offering to provide absolute convenience to our customers while protecting them from financial worries as a result of unforeseen events. With the aim to keep on enhancing customer experience and enabling them to leverage their mobile connection for more than just telecommunications, we are glad to launch this service today. Telenor Pakistan is committed to providing its customers with a robust portfolio of services and will continue to elevate customer experience with innovative offerings like Talkshawk Mohafiz Zindagi Beema”.

Some points that the subscribers of Talkshawk Mohafiz Zindagi Beema keep in their mind are, their insurance policy would be canceled if:

  • they switch from the network of Telenor Pakistan
  • they change their plan from prepaid to postpaid

if Telenor suspects that they have involved in any type of fraud.

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  1. Asad Ali

    The Insurance is only Valid month only i means no one or insurer can not calim without death case


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